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  1. What is e-Auction?
    The BonusLink e-Auction works like any other auction where you get to place your bids (in Points) to win gifts. That's right, the e-Auction is yet another fun and convenient way for Members to use their Points for gifts!

  2. How does the e-Auction really work and what's so good about it?
    The e-Auction allows you to bid for fantastic goodies at a steal � without having to spend a single cent!

    All items placed on the e-Auction Gifts page will have minimum bid Points and maximum bid Points information displayed. You can choose to bid for the item(s) immediately if you have enough Points in your Account. You may choose to place your bid based on the minimum bid Points or any amount within the specified bid range.

    If you are the highest bidder at the end of the e-Auction period, you'll get your gift. That's right, you could very well get the gift of your choice even at the minimum bid Points as long as no one else outbids you.

  3. What happens if someone outbids me?
    As long as the maximum bid amount is not met, you still have the opportunity to outbid the current highest bidder.

  4. How do I know the current highest bid or if I am the highest bidder?
    The current highest bid amount will not be displayed on the website. However, if the bid you placed is the current highest bid, we will send you a notification via e-mail. You will also be notified if someone else has outbid your bid.

    In situations where the maximum bid amount is met or when the auction item has been won, the item will be taken off from the e-Auction Gifts page and be featured in e-Auction Gift Results.

  5. What happens to my Points when I place a bid?
    The number of Points you have utilized for your bid will be locked to facilitate your e-Auction bid until you win the auction or when someone else outbids you.

  6. What happens to my Points when someone outbids me?
    The Points placed as bid for the auction will be added back to your Account.

  7. What happens after I win the bid?
    You will be immediately notified via e-mail while we arrange to deliver the item to you via courier. The result will also be feature in e-Auction Gift Results.

  8. Can I cancel my bid?

  9. What happens if I accidentally placed a bid?
    It is important to be sure of your decision before you place your bid. All bids are final and cannot be cancelled.

  10. What happens to my Points if it expires within the bidding period and when I am the maximum bidder at that point of time?
    All Points will expire according to its expiry period.

Only Primary Members with PIN are allowed to participate in the e-Auction.
If you have any enquiries on e-Auction, please e-mail us at MemberServices@bonuslink.com.my.
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