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Bid for your favourite item with unbelievable low Points!
As if redeeming fabulous FREE gifts with your BonusLink Points isn't enough! Now, you can bid for specially selected collectible items for a song - without having to spend a single cent! Find out how with BonusLink e-Auction!
New to e-Auction?
Steps to begin e-Auction
  1. Select the item of your choice in the e-Auction Gifts Page.

  2. Login to check if you have sufficient Points.

  3. Place your bid.

  4. A page will be displayed to update your delivery address and contact details.

  5. Once confirmed, the bidding reference number will be displayed together with the Gift Code, Gift Description and your bid Points.

  6. Once you have won the bid, your gift/voucher will be shipped to the updated address.

What you will need to know:
  • Only Primary Members with PIN are allowed to participate in the e-Auction.

  • Once you have placed your bid, you cannot cancel it.

  • The highest bid at any time will have the Points locked. These Points will only unlocked when another bid higher than yours is registered.

  • If someone outbids you before the closing date, you shall be informed via e-mail.

  • If you have the highest bid after the bidding period expires, your gift will be processed.

  • If you place a bid higher than the maximum Points, the bid will not be registered and you will be advised to bid again.

  • The auction will still be active as long as the end date has not reached or until maximum bidding Points for the item is not reached.

  • Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery of gift.

  • All items won will be displayed in the e-Auction Results Page.

e-Auction Terms & Conditions

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