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RentSmart Asia

RentSmart Asia is Malaysia’s largest Online Rental Marketplace. You can list, find and rent anything online. You can rent anything from electronics, cameras, BBQ set, or party items from bounce house to canopies for a party you are throwing. With over 50 different categories of items.

RentSmart Asia is a safe and easy to use rental platform. Everything rented on RentSmart requires a deposit of RM 100 only. Every user is validated; thus, creating a community of trusted users. Its always safer to rent from validated users.

To ease the handover of items, RentSmart has integrated 2-way delivery service that you can pay for at the point of booking the item.

Benefits of Using RentSmart Asia
  1. We are helping you Save Money – Since renting costs only a fraction of the purchase price, it is a great alternative to owning things you hardly use; thus, saving
  2. Connecting with likeminded people – Renting on RentSmart Asia helps connect you with likeminded people
  3. Contribute to Sustainable Living – Renting reduces the need to buy cheap alternatives to quality products especially if you are not using it long term
  4. Access to Quality Products – Since renting is only a fraction of buying, it is a lot easier to get access quality products
We envision that RentSmart Asia a trusted marketplace contributes to the sustainability of our future and contributes to the creation of create smarter consumers.

More information at https://www.rentsmartasia.com/

Standard Points Structure: Every RM1 = 1 BonusLink Point  (Exclusion: Security Deposit) 


RentSmart Asia
2-08, Scott Garden
Jalan Klang Lama
58100 Kuala Lumpur

Tel: 0327264726

Business Hours : 9.00am - 7.30pm

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