Mobile App Related Questions

Q1. What is the BonusLink App?

The BonusLink App (BLINK) is a one-stop platform to access all information on BonusLink. Collect Points with your Virtual Card, review your Points Summary/Transactions, and get updated on exclusive offers, events, and happenings at your fingertips. You can also:

  • Easily login with only your biometric or fingerprint

  • Download or purchase awesome deals from the App

  • Transfer vouchers to family & friends

  • Make cashless transactions at Merchants’ outlets

  • Access Partners and ‘On-The-Spot’ outlet locations

Q2. Where can I download the BonusLink App?

Visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and search for BonusLink. Proceed to download the app and enjoy the features!

Q3. How can I apply for BonusLink’s FREE Membership via the App?

All you have to do is register with your Mobile Number and fill up the required details to become a Member. It’s that simple!

Q4. I already have a BonusLink Card. How do I register on the App?

If you are existing Member, you only have to register your phone number followed by your BonusLink Card Number or Identity Card Number and proceed with the registration.

Q5. What is BonusLink Virtual Card?

The BonusLink Virtual Card allows you to collect BonusLink Points just like the physical Card. Login to the app and locate the “BonusLink Card” icon at your app dashboard & simply flash your Virtual Card at participating Partners’ outlets to collect Points.

Q6. How do I update my details on the App?

You can update your personal information on the app via "Account" Simply tap on "Account" followed by "Edit Profile" to update all your details.

Q7. If my BonusLink Card is lost or spoilt, can I request for a new card via the BonusLink App?

Yes! Click on your “BonusLink Card” icon at the dashboard followed by "Request Physical Card" at top right of the page and fill up the required details. You will receive your replacement card within 2 to 3 weeks.

Q8. Where can I collect BonusLink Points from?

You may collect BonusLink Points at any of our participating Partners, Merchants and over 2,400 outlets nationwide. Please click here to view the complete list.

Q9. How do I view my Points Transactions via the App?

You can view your past 6-Months Points Transactions easily via the App. Tap on "BonusLink Card" on the dashboard followed by "View past 6 Months Points Transactions" at the bottom of the page. You will be able to view and email a copy of the transaction report to your email.

Q10. Can I use the BonusLink Virtual Card at Shell Stations?

As mobile phones are not allowed to be used at the forecourt (pump area) due to Health, Safety, Security & Environment (HSSE) policy, we strictly advise our Members to use a physical BonusLink Card at the pump. However, you may use the BonusLink Virtual Card at the Shell Select stores to collect or redeem Points.

Q11. Why do I need to merge my Debit/Credit Card on the App and how?

You can merge any of your Payment Card to the App to purchase deals or to perform transactions via the App easily!

To merge, simply go to your “Account” on the App and tap on “Manage Credit/Debit Cards” and “Add Credit/Debit Card”. Fill up your card details and proceed to “Add” and your Card will be added to your Account. You can now perform transactions easily via the App.

Q12. How do I purchase a deal via the app?

You can visit the “Deals” page on the App to select your preferred deal and proceed to pay with:

  • a) BonusLink Points

  • b) Combination of BonusLink Points + Credit/Debit Card.

  • c) Credit/Debit Card

Q13. What is Nearby Deals?

Nearby Deals features all deals on the app which is nearby to you. Please ensure to enable your location settings at "Settings" page on the app.

Q14. How do I transfer a Voucher as a Gift?

You can transfer a voucher as a gift to your friends & family easily via the App with Mobile Number or QR code!

  • 1. Purchase a deal from "Deals" page

  • 2. Go to "My Wallet" to view the purchased deal

  • 3. Tap on the gift icon at the top right

  • 4. Proceed to share the voucher via mobile number or QR code

Q15. Can I perform any Redemption on the App right now?

Yes, you can redeem items at Prestomall via the app. Tap on "Redemption" at the dashboard and you will be brought to PrestoMall redemption page to make redemptions.