Website Related Questions

Q1. I’m having problems browsing through the BonusLink website. How do I browse?
  • Your browser must be cookie-enabled in order to transact at the BonusLink website.

  • If your web browser is not cookie enabled by default please check the settings of your browser and clear cache.

  • For other web browsers, please look into the Help section of the web browser.

Q2. How can I apply for a FREE BonusLink Membership online ?
  • Log on to www.bonuslink.com.my

  • Click on 'Not a Member? Sign up now!’

  • Accept the Terms & Conditions, fill in the form and submit.

Q3. If my Card is lost or damaged, can I request for a new Card online?

Yes, you can. To request for a new Card, you will have to click on Card Replacement. Please fill in the form and submit.

Q4. I am a BonusLink Member but do not have a PIN yet. How do I set the PIN?

Please contact our Member Service Consultants at 03-7626 1000 for assistance.

Q6. Why am I unable to login?

There are a few reasons why you are not able to login:

  • Wrong PIN: If you have made 3 unsuccessful attempts, your PIN will be locked and you are required to contact BonusLink Member Services at 03-7626 1000 to unlock it.

  • Invalid or Incomplete Account information: You will need to update on your Account information. Please contact BonusLink Member Services at 03-7626 1000.