General Questions

Q1. Can you tell me what BonusLink is all about?

BonusLink is Malaysia's premier multi-partner consumer rewards programme. Since it was launched in 1998, BonusLink has become synonymous with smart shopping, great privileges and fantastic branded gifts.

Q2. How does BonusLink work?

Members can collect Points at our participating Partners including Shell, Parkson, Focus Point, Agoda and many more. To collect Points, Members are required to present the physical or virtual BonusLink Card. Points will be recorded automatically once the BonusLink Card is presented/swiped. They can utilize the accrued Points to redeem Gifts via various redemption channels such as web, mobile app, self-service phone system or at our participating ‘On-The-Spot’ redemption outlets

Q3. How much does it cost to sign up for a Membership? How do I join?

BonusLink Membership is free of charge. You can apply via any of the following channels:

  • Online at www.bonuslink.com.my You will receive your BonusLink Card in 2 - 3 weeks from the application date.

  • BonusLink Mobile App (BLINK). You will be able to get an instant virtual Membership card on the spot.

  • Contact us at 03-7626 1000

  • Pick up an Instant Card at selected Partners.

Q4. I have applied for a BonusLink Card, how long do I have to wait to get my Card?

You will receive your Card within 2 – 3 weeks via mail after your application is processed.

Q5. Is there a qualifying period?

No. You can start collecting Points as soon as you have the BonusLink Card.

Q6. Can I still collect BonusLink Points if I left my Card at home?

No, your BonusLink Card must be swiped during a transaction to collect BonusLink Points. You may however present the Virtual Card on at participating retail Partners to collect Points- Download the BonusLink Mobile App to access your Virtual Card anytime, anywhere.

Q7. What happens if I lose my BonusLink Card?

You can request for a replacement Card through the following channels:

You will receive your Card in 2 - 3 weeks from the process date.

Q8. Where can I collect BonusLink Points from?

You may collect BonusLink Points at any of our participating Partners and over 2,400 outlets nationwide. Please click here to view the complete list.

Q9. Will I get my Points immediately after making a purchase?

Yes, BonusLink Points will be awarded to you at the time of purchase. Points for Shell will be credited within 3 working days while for the rest of the Partners, it may take 2 – 4 weeks for the Points to be credited into your BonusLink Account.

Q10. Do I need to sign up with every BonusLink Partner?

No. You need to only sign up once with BonusLink and you can swipe your BonusLink Card or flash your Virtual Card at all our Partners' outlets.

Q11. Why does the Points structure differ among your Partners?

Every Partner operates differently from the other. Depending on the products and services provided by the Partners, Points offered will differ based on the Terms mutually agreed between the Partner and BonusLink.

Q12. Can I collect Points for my spending on any of the products at Shell stations?

You will collect Points for Shell fuels, lubricants and purchases made at Shell Select stores.

Q13. How do I keep track of my Points transactions?

Points will be credited into your BonusLink Account within 2-4 weeks from the transaction date. You can keep track of your Points transactions through the following channels:

  • Log in to www.bonuslink.com.my with your BonusLink Card number and PIN. You can view your recent transactions by clicking on My Dashboard and select View My Points Transactions

  • BonusLink Mobile App (BLINK)

  • Self-Service Phone System at 03-7626 1000

  • Refer to your Monthly e-statement via e-mail

Q14. Is there any expiry date to my BonusLink Points?

BonusLink Points are valid for 3 years. You will need to make redemptions within 3 years, otherwise the Points will expire on a monthly, ‘first in-first out’ basis. Example, Points collected in Jan 2019 will expire in Jan 2022.

Q15. How can I keep track of my Points expiry?

You can keep track of your Points expiry through the following channels:

  • Log in to www.bonuslink.com.my with your BonusLink Card number and PIN to access “My Dashboard” page. Under Points Expiry Summary, click on “View expiry in the following 6 months”.

  • Self-Service Phone System at 03-7626 1000

  • BonusLink Mobile App (BLINK)

  • Monthly e-statement

Q16. What are Extra BonusLink Points, and how do they work?

Extra Points are Bonus Points awarded in addition to the Standard Points on promotions to help you collect BonusLink Points and redeem your favourite gifts!

Q17. How can I speed up Points collection?

There are many ways to expedite Points collection. Here are some tips on how to chalk up more Points:

  • Focus your spending at our Partners’ and merchants outlets. Shop for everyday needs at over 23 participating Partners, merchants and 2,400 outlets nationwide.

  • Sign up for an AmBank BonusLink Visa Card and use it at our Partners’ outlets to collect 2 sets of Points. This Card also offers 10X Points for 6 key categories which will expedite your Points collection.

  • Look out for offers and promotions at www.bonuslink.com.my or call 03-7626 1000.

  • Subscribe to our e-newsletter by giving us your latest e-mail address. You will enjoy special promotions sent directly to you.

  • Participate in our contests and games to win BonusLink Points as Prizes.

  • Download the BonusLink Mobile App (BLINK) and join fun activities to win Bonus Points.

Q18. What is PIN?

A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a combination of 6 digits to access information to a BonusLink Account, when used together with a BonusLink Card Number via app or website. Besides that, PIN allows Members to make redemption and have access to our self service channels e.g. Mobile Apps, Web, IVR and ‘On-The-Spot’ outlets. Therefore, PIN is private and confidential, please do not disclose your PIN to any 3rd party.

Q19. When performing redemption, can I share my PIN number to the staff at the Partners’/Merchants’ outlets?

No. You should not disclose your PIN to anybody, including to the staff at the Partners’/Merchants’ outlets. When performing redemption, you are required to key in your 6-digit PIN number on the keypad instead.

Q20. What should I do if the staff at the Partners’/Merchants’ outlets insisted that I share my PIN number to them?

Do not disclose your PIN number and contact us at 03-7626 1000 with the outlet details immediately.

Q21. What happens to Points when the Primary Member is deceased?

The next of kin may request to take over the Account by sending an e-mail together with the Members’ details and a copy of the death certificate as proof. Approval of this request is subject to the discretion of BonusLink.

Q22. How else can I contact BonusLink?

You can contact BonusLink by:

  • Call us at 03-7626 1000

  • E-mail to MemberServices@bonuslink.com.my

  • Fax to 03-7662 7996

  • Message via Facebook