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How do I collect Points from AmBank?
There are 2 Credit Cards with which you can collect BonusLink Points: The M-Card and the AmBank BonusLink Visa Card.
How many Points am I awarded for the AmBank Cards?
You will collect 3 Points for every RM10 spend on local purchases, in a single transaction. For example, RM255 spent in a single transaction, card member will be awarded with 75 Points. Meanwhile, for overseas spend, you will collect 6 Points for every RM10 charged.
What are the key features of the AmBank BonusLink Visa Card?
The AmBank BonusLink Visa Card is a 2-in-1 Card; it is a Credit Card AND a BonusLink Card. Its main benefit is that you will collect 10X BonusLink Points, capped at 3,000 Points a month when you spend at the following categories: Shell fuels, Parkson, Dining, Groceries, Entertainment and online transactions (refer to T&Cs for eligible Merchant Category Codes).
Click here for the complete list of features and benefits
How do I apply for the AmBank BonusLink Visa Card?
You can apply at the following link: https://www.bonuslink.com.my/EN/LeadsForm.aspx?page=intro
For more information, you can refer to the AmBank BonusLink Visa Card FAQ here
What’s the benefit of using the Credit Cards issued by AmBank?
By presenting your BonusLink Card with AmBank Cards when you shop at our Partners' outlets, you will be collecting 2 sets of BonusLink Points, one from the Partner and one from AmBank Cards.
Who do I contact to link my AmBank Credit Card Account to my BonusLink Account?
Your AmBank Card account will be linked to your BonusLink Account automatically. Points collected from using your AmBank Card will be recorded automatically and reflected in your BonusLink Points Summary.
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